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Interview with Ashley Wilder

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Where are you from?
Ashley Wilder:I am from San Antonio, Tx, but I currently reside in Philadelphia.
What is your ethnic background?
Ashley Wilder: My ethnic background is African American, German and Indian.
What are your measurements?
Ashley Wilder: My measurements are 34dd-27-41
What do you think is your best physical attribute?
Ashley Wilder: My best physical attribute to me is my butt and my lips.
Tell us what we can expect from your website?
Ashley Wilder: When u visit my website you can expect bio, events, upcoming projects im working on.
What are some of your future goals?
Ashley Wilder: My future goals are to be well established, media personality in the entertainment industry, and own my beauty boutique/passion store in miami or LA
What type of projects are you most interested in?
Ashley Wilder: I am most interested in glamour, swimwear, music videos, hosting, acting, commercials, etc
How would you best describe your personality?
Ashley Wilder2Ashley Wilder: My personality is very sweet and sensitive, but u don't want to get on my bad side..A lot of people tend to take my kindness for weakness
What are some of your guilty pleasures?
Ashley Wilder: My guilty pleasure is chocolate and ice cream
Whats your definition of sexy?
Ashley Wilder: My definition of sexy is self confidence.. Anyone wearing self confidence has a certain sexiness about them
What is something about you that people would be surprised to know?
Ashley Wilder: Most people would be surprised to know that i like country music and old movies

Ashley Wilder [CutieCentral]